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"Building community is to the collective as spiritual practice is to the individual."  Grace Lee Boggs

Build Community, Lower Stress, Increase Resiliency--and Get Your Team Thinking Creatively!


Since 2016, Shamama's leaders have led engaging team development workshops, retreats and in-house services for organizations and small groups.

We don't take the conventional thought-based approach. Instead we work with the whole person: body, mind and spirit with amazing results.


DISCOVERING THEIR POWER & PURPOSE: Life Writing, Creativity Workshops, Manifesto Writing, Mindful Living Workshops, Growth Mindset Techniques + more


CREATIVE PLAY: Intuitive Collaging, Journey Writing, Art Journaling, Doodling, Color-Play + more


SOMATIC EXPERIENCES: Laughter Yoga, Drumming, Breathwork Meditation, Mindful Wine/Food Tasting, Labyrinth-Walking, Intuitive Dance + more


NATURE-BASED & HEALING PRACTICES: Forest Bathing, Fiber-Play, Yoga, Fiber Story-Making, Playing in Mud/Water, Firewalking + more



“Breathwork has been an important part of my healing process. Michele is a strong, yet gentle intuitive guide through this process of letting go of old, unconscious, unhealed areas of my life. I feel it is causing rumblings of change that are needed." Cheryl Blackington, Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness

"I have left previous retreats and conferences feeling inspired and then get home and crash back into reality. I came home from (the retreat) feeling grounded and positive and hopeful and creative in a way I never had. It's like I finally knew my authentic self. But here's the thing: it stuck. It's been a month and I'm still inspired. I'm still approaching the world with a new, loving and hopeful perspective." From post-retreat survey

"Michele has a gift for creating a truly magical environment for a self healing experience while all the while being real. A grateful participant." Tammy Newman, Kalamazoo, MI

"Michele was extremely attentive to the need of all participants. She was flexible, warm, caring, and compassionate. She has such a beautiful heart and soul and is definitely living her passion and calling. Thank you Michele." From post-retreat survey

"Thanks to both of you for creating a calm, open, welcoming space--or perhaps it was attracting the right group. It was a rich time away from other pressures and concerns." Kate O'Hare, M.D., Grand Rapids, MI