"Breathwork is a modality that opens the heart and allows healing, letting go, and forgiving; thereby allowing in more energy to give and receive love, to be spiritually connected, and to rise to new levels of awareness."


Leah Rankinen is a Shamama Breathwork facilitator and Speech Pathologist based in Rockford, Michigan. 

Leah Rankinen became enthralled with the power of Breathwork in January 2018 when she took a class with Dawn Andersen through Shamama. She has been practicing it

regularly ever since and finds it unlike any other healing modality she has experienced in terms of how it focuses the mind, steadies the body, and opens up spiritual pathways previously unknown.


She is currently studying the materials of Master Healer David Elliot, and leading private sessions for friends and family. She feels called to facilitate individual and group Breathwork as a way of offering this gift of healing to all people.

Tel : 616.901.0579

3355 Eagle Park Dr. NE, Suite 108

Grand Rapids, MI 49505

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