Eight Ways Michele Can Help With Your Creative Endeavor

  • Accountability Coach—Some people have difficulty making their creative project their priority and following through with their intentions. It may be because of perceived lack of time, family/work obligations, or issues with prioritizing and focusing. I will ensure that you are achieving your short-term and long-term goals in the timeline that we have collaboratively created. This can be done in a myriad of ways: some people prefer regularly scheduled emails in which they are sending their work and I am neutrally responding (so as to not disrupt the process) or giving feedback as they go (if they prefer). Others enjoy a regularly scheduled in-person meeting where we go over what was accomplished in that timeframe; I find that meeting face-to-face seems to help with communication and sustaining positive energy.


  • Sounding Board, Encouragement, and Insight into Your Creative Process—I am a great listener, an ebullient cheerleader, and a shrewd observer. As someone who has been a writer and has taught the writing process for nearly three decades, I am empathic to what you are going through—and I have seen the common methods, pitfalls, and successes that come through the various creative processes. Some people just need a good listener so that they can noodle around the ideas. Some need “atta boys!” to keep their spiritual and emotional energy revved. And others need an objective outsider to not only play the role of intended audience, but to help them connect the dots with their project and possibly even the underlying impetus of the project (the muse, the shadow, the ego’s craving). I coach people through their process in a positive, constructive manner—which, because I am intuitive, is usually quite magical.


  • Removing Creative Blocks and Allowing Creative Flow—Using my own special techniques such as BreathWork meditation, rattling/drumming, energy work, shamanic journey walks, oils/potions, somatic exercises and lifestyle/environment recommendations (meditation, high vibration food, Feng Shui, toxic people/situations to avoid, and other ideas that come to me from spirit guides) we can turn off your “editor” (your high school English teacher, your mom, your inner demons, whomever!) and open you up as a vessel for original, powerful ideas to flow.


  • Coaching of Craft—I hold a B.A. and an M.A. in English Language and Literature (from Grand Valley State and Central Michigan Universities respectively) and have taught college English/Writing for 16 years. Learning the fundamentals of organization, focus, style, research techniques, character development, format, grammar, syntax, finding your voice, visuals, technology, and other elements of the craft IS FUN! Trust me on that one!


  • Partnering—Some writers don't have the time or the fundamental writing, language, or research skills to create the work that they have inside themselves. This is no problem!  I can co-write, ghost-write, and/or research your project with your direction. I have a knack for harnessing people's stories, intellect, voice, and energy to create the work that they have always dreamed of creating! Over the years I have collaborated on hundreds of works ranging from screenplays to scholarly papers, from memoirs to manuals. And the process of co-creating is as satisfying as having a finished product. References available upon request. 


  • Revision and Editing—Not only will I provide careful and expert revision suggestions (and proofread your work), I can cull and facilitate peer review groups to provide feedback on your work and have access to hundreds of writing and other professionals who can provide expert feedback. You will not be alone in your quest for a polished product.


  • Project Management—Oftentimes creative individuals have difficulty with the nuts and bolts of their project. They can create beautifully, but launching the work seems daunting. I can help with: finding publishers, PR agents and literary agents, creating submission materials the publication according to publishers’ specs (query letters, proposals, sample chapters, etc.), or self-publishing and advertising the project. I’ve noticed over the years that I am uncanny at helping people: land on a brand, envision the outcome of the project, and help them find the right fit with publishing.


  • Putting You Into My Vortex—This is probably not one you’ve heard of before. I have a very strong energy field and can put YOU and your creative endeavor into it in order to help you manifest your goals. You see, I believe that we are all co-creators of our universe, so when I put your ideas and your energy into my vortex of intuition and positivity, beautiful things happen. I’m not just a creativity coach, but a CREATION coach! 


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