erin jewell nowak is a multi-faceted, intuitive, life coach. A Grand Rapids native who spent some formative adult years abroad, erin earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Creative Writing (poetry) but maintains her status as a perpetual student. She’s been a coach, ESL teacher, writing tutor, professor, sales director, payroll specialist, wife, mother, and sister. She is co-owner of The Hive Yoga and a RYT2000 Yogini. 


She identifies as an empath, which allows her to align herself to see and feel another’s energy, as well as an Indigo/light worker which helps her tap into the greater God/good to receive guidance. Her biggest goal is to be cheerleader and guide toward whatever you desire in whatever way speaks to you, whether it be gentle guidance or tough love, a doula to help you birth your dream life. erin offers intuitive card readings, goal setting & strategy sessions, and manifesting workshops.

Tel : 616.901.0579

3355 Eagle Park Dr. NE, Suite 108

Grand Rapids, MI 49505

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