You've Got Questions, We've Got Answers!

Where are you located?

Because of the pandemic, we closed our large brick and mortar presence on E. Beltline, but in spring 2021, we opened a smaller Creativy + Healing Studio off of E. Beltline near Meijer Gardens. 3355 Eagle Park Dr. NE, Suite 108 Grand Rapids, MI 49505

Argh! I paid for an event, now I can't make it!

We are sorry you couldn't come this time! Because we reserved your spot especially for you, we can't give a refund. We still want to be be part of the Shamama magic, so use that amount as credit toward another event or service! Oh, and it would be helpful if you email or call us to let us know you can't make it. Thanks! P.S. If WE cancel, we will certainly refund your money!

You offer unique classes and services that I've never heard of, what gives?

Yes, we do offer some pretty cool stuff, like: Intuitive Collaging, Chakra Dancing, Djembe Drumming, Art Journaling, Mindful Wine Tasting, Shamanic Journey Walks, "Journey Writing", BreathWork Meditation, Stich-a-Story (story-making with fiber), Manifesting Magic retreats, Forest Bathing, etc. We just find the world so interesting that we want to explore it with abandon! We love tapping into our inner selves, turning on to new things to think about, and getting to know other curious cats! We invite you to join this warm, inclusive, and kinda funky community!

What do I bring and wear to breathwork?

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, pillow, blindfold/eye pillow, and water bottle. Please come about 10 minutes early so that you can set up your space and sign a waiver (if you haven't already). Pro tip: some people bring a sleeping bag if they don't have a yoga mat! You can pay at the door with cash/check/charge or register and pay online. Leave your devices in the car--or turned off in the cubbies. Just wear comfy clothes and socks--no need for athletic or yoga apparel, but you could! Try to avoid belts and other constricting garments (like tight bras). Some people wear jammies! Hey, whatever works! We advise that you not partake in any substances (i.e. alcohol) prior to breathwork.

Do you offer memberships or discounts?

Right now we don't have a membership plan, but that's a swell idea for the future! Yes, we have discounts from time to time. Oftentimes, we offer "early bird" specials for events, "refer a friend" discounts, etc

Do you offer gift certificates?

Sure do! Click here! P.S. You give some pretty thoughtful gifts!

Do you donate to charity auctions--or otherwise perform free services?

We have been known to be generous souls! If you would like us to consider your cause or donate to your event, reach out to us!

What does the word "Shamama" mean--and are you only for women?

When Michele Lussky was in the seminal stage of creating Shamama in early 2016, she was driving down the road when the word came to her. It was like a dream as she pulled over, searched the unfamiliar word on her smartphone and discovered that "Shamama" is the name of the only female buddha, the "Queen Mother". (It is also a type of Persian perfume and a beautiful female Arabic name). The idea of the enlightened mother resonated with Michele as she believes that we could all stand to embrace the feminine energy of the universe. That being said, Shamama is inclusive of all sexes, genders, gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations. In fact, Michele wrote a blog post expounding on the merits of being inclusive to all! Read it here.

Are you LGBTQ+ friendly?

Hard YES! Shamama is inclusive of all sexes, genders, gender identities, gender expressions, and sexual orientations! YOU ARE WECOME HERE!

Are you accessible and accomodating for people with disabilities?

Yes, indeedy! We hold all of our regular events in spaces that are physically accessible with ramps/elevator and parking--and we can accomodate hearing and vision impairments if you work with us in advance. The shaman walks are usually held at Pickeral Lake, and are accessible (flat, wide, groomed with chips) up to a certain point in the forest. Please let us know if you need help accessing the trail. Some of our beakout sessions at our retreats (such as guided nature walks or yoga), somatic expression (like West African Dancing or QiGong), and other special workshops may pose an issue BUT, we are committed to serving your needs, so let's chat about alternatives!

What is breathwork?

Click here to learn about it!

Who should avoid breathwork?

We encourage people 11 and older to participate. You should be able to lie down on the floor and sit up on the floor with no assistance. You may bring extra pillows or a rolled up blanket for under your knees (to lessen the pressure on your lower back.) If we hold a session that requires more balance and/or movement, we will indicate this in the event registration. Contraindications: pregnant, severe asthma, severe heart disease, mental illness, epilepsy/history of seizures, acute physical injuries, severe diabetes

What can I expect at one of Michele's private breathwork sessions?

We offer private breathwork in either our home studios or your home to individuals, couples, or families. We also offer online sessions via Zoom, Facetime, etc. (see below). For in person sessions:

  • We begin with an assessment of your needs and whether you are tolerant of essential oils and touch.
  • When we come to your home (rather than our home studios), we smudge/clear/bless your home prior to our session. The effects of the clearing of both and your environment is palpable and sustained!
  • We then we settle you in with blankets, bolsters, pillows, and an eye pillow and ensure that you are comfortable.
  • We may use any combination of smudge, candles, essential oils, stones to facilitate a healthy vibration around, and in, your body.
  • We will use music, drumming, sound bowls, rattles, chimes, and/or musical instruments to facilitate your breathwork.
  • We will coach you as you first ground yourself with conscious breathing then do your "breathwork". During this time, we will intuitively apply oils, stones, and touch.
  • After your breathwork, we will have you return to conscious breathing. We generally do not touch you during this sensitive period as this is a time of clarity, healing, and bliss. We may drum or play music during this time.
  • To conclude the breathing portion, we will apply "grounding oil" and apply touch and/or have you hold on to rocks. This is also a sensitive time of re-entry into the present moment.
  • If you have booked the extra half hour, we will then discuss your somatic/emotional/spiritual experiences and use our intuition to assist you in finding clarity and healing around these as you go forth.
  • We will advise you regarding best practices for self-compassion and after-care.
For online Zoom sessions, we send you an email with preparation guidelines. We ask that you be able to prop your device up in a way so that we can see the side of your body while you breathe (from eyes to pelvis). We perform remote reiki as you listen to the piped in music. Virtual sessions are are surprisingly effective!

I need help with my creative endeavor, how does Michele help?

There's so much she can do, she has to send you to another link! :)