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Creativity Coaching

with Michele Lussky

I'm a Creativity Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, Writer, Public Speaker, and former Writing Professor who started Shamama because I saw people all around me who are stuck, discouraged, or full of fear--people who are unable to tell their story, explore with child-like abandon, live their authentic life, or manifest their dreams. I help people know, trust, and express themselves by sharing the unique tools that I have gleaned from 25 years of teaching college writing and leading creativity workshops--sessions I call "journeying within". Through both conventional and non-conventional methods  (such as somatic awareness, breathwork meditation, drumming, doodling, or mandala-making), I can help you release old baggage and blocks and embrace your pure creative force. My work is steeped in self-compassion, kindness, intuition, positivity, and practicality.  What will happen when you step into the mind-heart vortex? 

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Creative Expression

What are you burning to create--or have us create with you?  Our team has over 69 years of combined experience writing, researching, ghost-writing, and editing thousands of publications--everything from science fiction to memoirs to marketing campaigns. We promise you one thing: the process will be as enjoyable as the finished product is to read.

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Life Coaching with erin jewell nowak

I am a multi-faceted, intuitive, life coach. I identify as an empath, which allows me to align myself to see and feel another’s energy, as well as an Indigo/light worker which helps me tap into the greater God/good to receive guidance. My biggest goal is to be cheerleader and guide toward whatever you desire in whatever way speaks to you, whether it be gentle guidance or tough love, a doula to help you birth your dream life. erin offers intuitive card readings, goal setting & strategy sessions, and manifesting workshops.

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Private Group Events

There is something about being in an intimate setting--whether we are experiencing creative play, journey writing, energy work, drumming, or forest bathing, we all experience magic, growth, connection, and joy. Contact us for a free consultation regarding your next team-building event, girls night, or church group meeting.

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Poetry Therapy with Nessa McCasey

As a certified poetry therapist, I work with individuals, couples, and groups to facilitate their writing in a healing manner. Poetry therapy is part of the expressive arts in healing (as are music therapy, arts therapy, etc.). I offer courses (including online) in poetic forms, poetry as healing, writing through life's transitions, and creative coaching and problem-solving. 

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