Do you feel overwhelmed by the clutter and possessions in your life? We all aspire to be happy but sometimes "stuff" gets in the way. As a social worker and professional organizer, Kate Wert can readily identify the barriers that prevent many of us from feeling joy or living life to the fullest. One major barrier in many of our lives is an excess of clutter. When we become emotionally enmeshed in our surrounding environment we begin to feel stagnant, stuck, or even hopeless.Kate is a compassionate guide who will help initiate your journey to emotional freedom. She will  empower you to break down these barriers into smaller, more achievable tasks releasing you from your  burdens so you can begin to take charge of your life! Kate holds an MSW, is owner of Clean Slate by Kate, and is a member of Grand Rapids Area Hoarding Taskforce (GRAHT). 

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