With over 27 years of experience in writing, editing, teaching, consulting, speaking, and leading powerful events, Michele DeVoe Lussky is your go-to gal.  She holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in English Language and Literature from Grand Valley State and Central Michigan Universities, respectively; taught college Writing and Literature for 16 years--most recently at GVSU where she also held an administrative position at the Pew Faculty Teaching and Learning Center; and led several non-profit and educational programs. She has completed graduate-level coursework or professional development in: pedagogy, creative writing, trauma-informed counseling, publishing, art therapy, growth mindset, and inclusive/equitable practices.


Michele also employs non-traditional methods which encourage peak creative performance, including: embodied creativity, archetypal symbolism, mandala-making, laughter yoga, yoga, breathwork, and meditation.  Some of these were gleaned from reading or life experiences, but many were from formal workshops and certification processes (e.g. Certified David Elliot Breathwork Facilitator). 

Her CV lists countless published articles, brochures, and books for organizations and individuals alike.  

Michele is an adept academic researcher and reviewer who as edited, coached, and ghost-written hundreds of works--everything from cookbooks to scholarly papers to memoirs to screenplays.  


She also is a certified comprehensive sexuality educator, environmental advocate, and intuitive--which all inform her as a creativity coach. She gently and enthusiastically assists with every stage of the writing process and is passionate about helping others tap into their creativity, find their voice, unleash their power, and discover their calling. 

What clients and participants say:

"Thank you SO much for your guidance, love and light yesterday. I had a very powerful experience. You truly are a vessel. I felt clarity and an openness after our session and it stayed with me throughout the day. I had rehearsal with my band and ideas were flowing. I was able to express these ideas and communicate them with ease, and I felt open to express my emotions musically too, which is not always easy for me." H.S. Grand Rapids, MI

"I cannot thank you enough for your work on my book.  I know that I wouldn't have such a solid brand without it!" HC, Ada, Michigan

"Thank you for a great session, Michele!  I felt so restored and uplifted afterwards.  You truly have a gift for facilitating healing." LR, Rockford, Michigan

"What strikes me most is how the process of writing the book with you was as amazing as the final product!" KL, Los Angeles, California

"I can’t tell you how I love our connection and how it sustains and strengthens and inspires me! " JV, Holland, Michigan

"Michele was extremely attentive to the need of all participants. She was flexible, warm, caring, and compassionate. She has such a beautiful heart and soul and is definitely living her passion and calling. Thank you Michele."—Anonymous

"Wow, girl! You are following your path with so much passion, vision, open heartedness, flow."—Anonymous

"Michele you are so powerful yet relatable and your light warms each person."—Anonymous