My life has been a tapestry
Of rich and royal hue
An everlasting vision
Of the ever-changing view
A wond'rous woven magic
In bits of blue and gold
A tapestry to feel and see
Impossible to hold...

                       -Carole King

My work as a creativity coach and breathwork facilitator is informed by a rich and long life--a tapestry of academics, iconoclasm, non-profit leadership, motherhood, siblinghood, activism, writing, suffering, risk-taking, failing, learning, loss, curiosity and unconditional love.

The warp of my life is woven with healing--for myself, others, and the world. The weft is woven with my humility.

I intuitively guide my clients and future breathwork co-healers in whatever they need for that moment: breath, movement, creative expression, touch, sound, storytelling, toning, plant medicine and more. 

My intention is to alchemize all suffering into wellness--and facilitate a creative expansion beyond our wildest imaginations. We can co-heal and co-create a wond'rous woven magic.

Let's make magic together.


I have attended both Private Sessions and Breathwork Sessions with Shamama and there are no words to describe what those truly life-changing experiences were like. Michele vibrates such good energy into the souls of those she works with, that just being in her presence feels like home. I highly recommend Shamama to anyone looking for spiritual or personal growth. She will meet you exactly where you are on your journey and encompass you into this magical environment designed around so much self-healing, self-love and liberation. Thank you for helping me to evolve and showing me how to shed the energies that no longer match the frequency of my destiny. You are pure magic Shamama. It is an honor and blessing to know you and attend these sessions.

- Jenn Loudin, Comstock Park, Michigan