Spiritual Hygiene + Personal Hygiene

The energy of fear is rippling through our community, and I find it such a strange dichotomy to be at this time creating a center for creative and healing arts--a cozy space for us to be physically together supporting each other, growing together, inspiring each other, healing together when there is a serious pandemic afoot. It is in times of strife and fear that we need hugs, healing touch, laughter and breath the most, but during this time of concern regarding the Covid-19 pandemic we will all be limiting our personal encounters as we demonstrate pragmatism and goodwill for our community.

I speak often to my clients about "spiritual hygiene": meditating daily, smudging your home and body, following healing rituals, creating/writing every day, connecting to breath, being in nature, taking epsom salt baths, walking mindfully, possessing a sense of gratitude, etc. It is when we are most stressed and most emotional that we need to take excellent care of ourselves. So, I implore you to not only practice personal hygiene, but spiritual hygiene during this trying time.

I know that Shamama is part of your "cup-filling", but please know that our team doesn't want anyone to be physically compromised in order to partake in our events or individual services. Creating a safe container is always our number one priority. To that end, the Shamama team has instituted a protocol for our programming in our new space in response to the pandemic:

  • As recommended by the CDC, we advise all people who are elderly, are immunocompromised, or who have: cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, hepatitis B, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic kidney diseases, and cancer to not attend our events. Please stay home and take very good care of yourselves. We will miss you, but we love you so much that we don't want you to risk death just to come to breathwork.  If you wish, please email us, and we will all send you prayers of lovingkindness.

  • We will limit our events to gatherings of under 100 people--as advised by Michigan Labor and Economic Department Director Jeff Donofrio. This means that we will hold off on the grand opening until we are in the clear.

  • We will continue to hold our small gatherings, but will require all people to wash their hands in the hallway before entering the suite and to only touch their own belongings. We will provide hand sanitizer pumps in all rooms.

  • Our programming in the learning lab will be limited to 35 participants and we will spread the tables in more of a conference-type seating.

  • Breathwork, yoga, qigong and other movement/breath-based programming will be limited to 15 participants in our somatic studio. We will spread everyone as far apart as possible and will stagger people in such as way that they will be breathing in opposite directions.  The facilitators will not be breathing near you.

  • We will not be hugging, shaking/touching hands, etc., but we will be using healing touch as part of our practice.  We will be sure to use hand sanitizer between each person and will not touch face or hands.

  • We have all been trained on best practices in sanitization of space, hand washing, and sneeze/cough protocol. We are thinking that the Anjali mudra (as shown in this

photo) is perfect for greetings!

  • We will sanitize all tools we use and wipe down the physical space before and after every group or individual session. Eye pillows will not be dispensed, so we encourage you to bring your own items (such as eye pillows, yoga mats, blankets, etc.)

  • We are asking our practitioners and clients to notify us if they have traveled recently so that we can take extra precautions, and if you have a cough, fever, or aren't feeling well, we want you to that you stay home and take good care of yourself!

  • We will honor all cancelations with credit for a future service or event.

  • Please note that our new space is located at 5270 Northland Drive and most of our programming will be held there. PLEASE CHECK OUR WEBSITE regarding location of the event and whether it is canceled.

Be well my friends!

With love and light,

Michele DeVoe Lussky, Shamama

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