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Marketing and Communications Assistant

Shamama is a unique little business. Founded in 2016, we are a group of healers, artists, writers, leaders, and teachers who host creative and healing arts events throughout West Michigan as well as providing writing and creativity coaching both online and in person. We are looking for someone with a positive vibe to handle our marketing and communications stuff--including social media/web content management, recording/posting events, creating spiffy newsletters, babysitting our online presence, working with our video production team, producing eye-catching publications, and otherwise communicating with our awesome clients, facilitators, vendors, and venues.


We are seeking someone who is super-creative--someone who fully understands social media analytics, has a keen eye for graphics, and who is passionate about helping people become their best selves creatively all while making the world a better place. There is a lot of plate-spinning with this position because we hold tons of events and appointments and are on many platforms; so, it's imperative that you be organized and detail-oriented. For now, we are thinking 10 hours a week, but as the business picks up (that's where you come in!) we anticipate it growing to a full-time administrative/marketing/communications position. Two or so years of formal education and experience in marketing, design, and/or communications would be ideal, but we are open to those who "just get it" and have a great deal of energy and focus. Truthfully, all of the social constructs surrounding status and education don't impress us as much as results do. We just want someone who can solve problems independently, is an autodidact, and who will work hard for our vision to help people tap into their creativity, unleash their power, find their purpose, and express their voice. 


We are located in Rockford, Michigan, but you could do this work at home or in a coffee shop if you have your own laptop. It's pretty flexible, except for the times when we want you to go to our events, or you have to meet media deadlines, or when we have staff meetings--which are infrequent (and held at the kombucha bar or even walking in the forest). Some other perks of the job would be: working with compassionate, creative, and kind people; free workshops; and great networking in the healing and creative arts community.


One thing is important: Shamama is inclusive to all people regardless of age, sex, beliefs, SES, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, appearance, and physical ability. You should be absolutely comfortable with--and even embrace--our inclusive philosophy. To that end, if you choose to apply for this position, we would like you to avoid using your name and pronouns--or any other type of identifiers which might indicate any of the aforementioned qualities. We just want to see your essence and what you are capable of creating. Thanks! 


Regarding the rest of your application, please provide the following: 1--a resume, 2--a cover letter which includes at least one paragraph regarding how, if hired, you would improve Shamama's social media and online presence, 3--a portfolio of your marketing/design/communications work (this can be a combination of print publications and digital work), 4--three professional references and their contact information.  Please email this to:


Shamama, LLC

Michele Lussky

6558 Laguna Vista Dr. NE 

Rockford MI 49341

Tel : 616.901.0579

3355 Eagle Park Dr. NE, Suite 108

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